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Survival Skills, Knots, Shelters, we have it all...

Welcome to  This site has been created to offer instruction, information, and resources for the survival enthusiast. Here you will find information about skills and techniques that could, in an emergency situation, save your life. We have collected information to teach you how to build a shelter, find food and water, and many other basic tools to help prepare yourself for an unexpected situation.

homepagemountains"Being in a survival situation could be very frightening . How do you think you would fare in a survival situation? Could you build a shelter? Could you light a fire without matches? Could you forage for food and purify water? In reality, emergency situations do not afford us the opportunity to have access to luxury items such as tarps, matches, and camping supplies. The only tools that may be available are your own two hands. If you were stranded, would you be a survivor?"

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Future updates will include dedicated sections:

Popular shows (Man vs. Wild, Survivorman, Planet Earth, I shouldn't be alive, Out of the Wild, Survival School, etc.)
Picture Gallery where you could share your Personal photos
Links to other great sites
Cold Climate Survival

homepagewaterWe are always interested in your input. Please contact us with ideas, things you would like to see on our site that have not been shown, share your adventures, tips and personal techniques, anything at all. Tell us what you think... contact us...

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homepagerocksThe skills and techniques shown on our web site are provided for information purposes only and are not intended to take the place of professional survival or first aid training courses. The data throughout this site comes from numerous sources and are not represented to be error free.


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