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List of Deserts


This is a list of deserts sorted by the region of the world in which the desert is located.


  • Algerian Desert – part of the Sahara located in Algeria
  • Arabian Desert – a desert stretching from Eastern Egypt to Iraq
  • Blue Desert – a desert in Egypt
  • Kalahari Desert – covering much of Botswana and parts of Namibia and South Africa
  • Karoo – a semi-desert region in South Africa
  • Libyan Desert – part of the Sahara located in Libya
  • Namib Desert – a desert in present day Namibia
  • Nubian Desert – a desert in present day Sudan
  • Owami Desert – a desert in Nigeria
  • Sahara Desert – the world's largest hot desert
  • Sinai Desert – a desert located on the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt
  • White Desert – a desert in Egypt


Arctic Basin


  • Badain Jaran - a desert located in China
  • Betpak-Dala - a desert located in Kazakhstan
  • Cholistan - a desert in India and Pakistan
  • Dasht-e Kavir - a desert in center
  • Dasht-e Lut - a large salt desert in southeastern Iran
  • Gobi - a desert in Mongolia and China
  • Indus Valley Desert - a desert located in Pakistan
  • Kara Kum - a large Central Asian desert
  • Kharan desert - a desert located in Pakistan
  • Kyzyl Kum - a desert in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
  • Lop Desert - a desert in China
  • Ordos - a desert in northern China
  • Rub' al Khali - a desert located at Saudi Arabia
  • Taklamakan - a desert located in China
  • Thal Desert - a desert in Punjab of Pakistan
  • Thar Desert - a desert in Pakistan and India
  • Akshi Desert - a desert in India

Australia & New Zealand

  • Central Desert - a central Australian desert
  • Gibson Desert – a central Australian desert
  • Great Sandy Desert – a northwestern Australian desert
  • Great Victoria Desert
  • Little Sandy Desert – a western Australian desert
  • Rangipo Desert – a barren desert-like plateau (with 1.5-2.5 m/yr rainfall) on the North Island Volcanic Plateau in New Zealand
  • Simpson Desert – a central Australian desert
  • Strzelecki Desert – a south-central Australian desert
  • Tanami Desert – a northern Australian desert


  • Accona Desert - a semi-Desert in Southern Italy
  • Bardenas Reales - a semi-desert in Navarra, Spain (455 km²)
  • Błędowska Desert – a desert located in Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Poland (32 km²)
  • Deliblatska Peščara - a desert located in Vojvodina, Serbia (300 km²)
  • Highlands of Iceland – the interior plateau of Iceland; not a desert by climate, but effectively one because precipitation penetrates the volcanic soil so quickly that it is unavailable to plants
  • Monegros Desert - a semi-desert in Aragón, Spain
  • Oleshky Sands - a desert located in Ukraine near Askania-Nova biosphere reserve (15 km in diameter)
  • Oltenian Sahara – a desert spanning approximately 80.000 hectares or 800 km² in the Romanian historical province of Oltenia
  • Piscinas - a desert located in South-West Sardinia, Italy; is one of the biggest in Europe (5 km²)
  • Tabernas Desert – a desert in Almería, Spain (280 km²)

Middle East

  • Arabian Desert – a vast desert complex on the Arabian Peninsula comprising the Al-Dahna Desert, Empty Quarter, Nefud Desert and other deserts
  • Dasht-e Kavir – a desert in central Iran
  • Dasht-e Lut – a large salt desert in southeastern Iran
  • Judean Desert – a desert in eastern Israel and in the West Bank
  • Maranjab Desert – a desert in central Iran
  • Negev – a desert located in southern Israel
  • Ramlat al-Sab`atayn- a sand desert in central & northeastern Yemen, part of the Empty Quarter
  • Wahiba Sands – a desert in Oman

North America

  • Chihuahuan Desert
  • Colorado Desert
  • Mojave Desert
  • Sonoran Desert

South America

  • Atacama – a desert in Chile and Peru, the driest place on Earth
  • La Guajira Desert – a desert in northern Colombia
  • Monte Desert – in Argentina, a smaller desert above the Patagonian
  • Patagonian Desert – the largest desert by area in the Americas, located in Argentina and Chile
  • Sechura Desert – a desert located along a portion of the northwestern coast in Peru
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