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Fire Ring


Creating a fire ring will help contain your fire. Choose an area in a clearing so that you can keep sparks away from trees or brush. Clear a spot for The circle of rocks. Remove sticks and branches or anything that may catch fire from stray sparks.

Collect large, dry rocks to encircle your fire. Avoid using rocks that may be saturated with water (like those found under or near a water source). When these rocks are heated, steam pressure will build up and the rocks can explode.

Dig a circle in the center of your clearing. If you dig about five or six inches deep this will help protect you fire from the wind. Place the large rocks firmly into the dirt around the edge of the hole all the way around. Fit the rocks tightly together to make a solid wall around the hole.

Inside your fire circle you can build a number of types of fire. From a Tepee fire to an A-frame, just choose the type that will best suite your fire ring, situation and available resources.

fire ring picture

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