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Stump Fire

A stump makes a great fire site, especially for cooking. Since they’re underground, there’s no source of oxygen to sustain the flame so the part of the stump under the surface won’t burn.

To make a stump fire:

Carve out the center of the stump into the rough shape of a bowl, including a channel cut on one side that allows good air access as well as a good spot to light your fire.

Once You have the rough bowl shape, put in a layer of dry tinder (ground leaves, cattail, tinder bundle, etc.) Light the tinder in the stump and slowly feed the fire with twigs and such until it's burning good. Add a few larger pieces and let it burn down into the bowl making a nice bed of coals.

The edges of the stump are still good and solid, this makes a great cooking platform.

stump fire picture

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