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Albright Knot

The Albright Knot or Albright Special, is a strong knot used in situations where you need to join two lines of different diameter or of different material. This knot tightens as it is tensioned so it won't slip. It is a relatively fast and easy to tie knot.

To Tie an Albright Knot:

Form an open-ended loop in the fly line (or larger diameter monofilament). Pass the backing (or smaller diameter strand) through the loop and take one turn around fly line. survival_knot_tying_albright_1
Wind the tag end of the backing around itself and the fly line loop. Take 10-12 winds, keeping them in place with left hand. Pass the backing through the loop so that it comes out on the same side it entered on. survival_knot_tying_albright_2
Slide the coils of backing together and toward the end of the loop, stopping 1/8" from end. Take care that backing does not slide off end of fly line before tightening. survival_knot_tying_albright_3
Tighten by pulling on the tag end of the backing while holding both strands of fly line in left hand. Pliers or a hemostat can be used on tag end. With left hand still holding both ends of fly line, pull on standing part of backing. Pull tag end of backing again and standing part one more time. Complete tightening by pulling only on standing parts of fly line and backing. survival_knot_tying_albright_4
Trim the tag end of fly line and backing. survival_knot_tying_albright_5

Albright Knot Video


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