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Bosun's Whistle Knot


The Bosun's Whistle Knot is one of the most attractive lanyard knots and subsequently one of the most widely used. Also known as the Two-Strand Diamond Knot, Boatswain's Whistle Knot, Single Strand Diamond Knot, Pipe Lanyard Knot, Marlingspike Lanyard Knot and the Knife Lanyard Knot, it is excellent for forming the loop at the end of a lanyard.

To Tie a Bosun's Whistle Knot:

Drape the rope over our left hand like shown in the photograph. Make a loop in the end of the cord (like shown) and hold the loop between your thumb and index finger (like shown).
Bosun's Whistle Knot Phot 1
Bring the end indicated in the picture (the end hanging down to the left side in the step one picture) up through the loop in your palm as shown in the picture.
Bosun's Whistle Knot Photo 2
Bring the same end through the knot again as shown in the picture.
Bosun's Whistle Knot Photo 3
Bring the other end through the knot like shown in the photograph. Slip the arrangement off your hand and meticulously work the knot into its final form.
Bosun's Whistle Knot Photo 4


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