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Cow Hitch


The Cow Hitch, also called the Lark's Head, is used in decorative work. It is only considered secure if the tension is on both ends.

To Tie a Cow Hitch Knot:

Start by making a double crossing turn over an object.
Cow Hitch  Photo 1
Finish like a regular Bowline - bring the running end down over the top and tuck it to exit parallel to the standing part.
Cow Hitch Photo 2
Another way to tie a Cow Hitch is by first passing a bight behind and back over the object, and then pulling both ends all the way through the bight.
Cow Hitch Photo 3
Another variation of the Cow Hitch is the Pedigree Cow Hitch - the difference is that you tuck the running end inside the turns for extra security. This hitch is secure enough to put tension on just the standing part.
Cow Hitch Photo 4
You can also tie the Cow Hitch in the bight by making opposing crossing turns and placing them together, leaving it ready to slide over an object.


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