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Double Uni-Knot


The Double Uni-Knot also known as the Double Grinner Knot, uses the tying principle of two knots tied back to back and then seated together to form a strong connection. With practice, it is easy to tie and very effective.

To Tie a Double Uni_Knot:

Hold the ends of two lines to be joined together and, with one line, form a long, thin loop. double_uni_knot_photo_1
Depending on the size and type of line, make five to seven turns around both lines, bringing the tag end out the end of the loop. double_uni_knot_photo_2
Pull on the standing part and the tag end of the first line to draw the knot together. Do not draw the knot completely tight at this stage. double_uni_knot_photo_3
With the second line, create a knot identical to the one you created with the first line, except the other way around. double_uni_knot_photo_4
Tighten the second knot to the same degree as the first knot. Slowly pull on both standing parts to bring the knots together. double_uni_knot_photo_5
Continue to pull on both standing parts until the two knots seat together, and the complete knot is drawn tight. Trim the tag ends. double_uni_knot_photo_6


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