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Egg Loop


The Egg Loop, also called the Salmon Egg Loop, is cornerstone knot in steelhead fishing and one that every angler must know. Once mastered, it can be tied very quickly.

To Tie an Egg Loop:

Pass the tag end through the eye.
egg loop photo 1
Lay the tag end along the shank and make turns of the standing part around the tag end and shank.
egg loop photo 2
Keep making turns until you have at least seven turns.
egg loop photo 3
Make a loop with the standing part and pass the standing end through the eye, but keep it loose.
egg loop photo 4
Make twists of the loop you just formed over the hook, trapping the tag end with your new wraps.
egg loop photo 5
After three twists and wraps, stop and pull the standing part to tighten the wraps onto the tag end.
egg loop photo 6
Tighten the standing part almost down onto the shank.
egg loop photo 7
Now your hook is ready to receive the roe under the loop you created - the tension on your line will handily hold the eggs in place.
egg loop photo 8


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