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Falconer's Knot


The Falconer's Knot is a knot used in falconry to tether a bird of prey to a perch. Some sources show this knot to be identical to the halter hitch, but with a specific method of single-handed tying needed when the other hand is occupied holding the bird.

To Tie a Falconer's Knot:

Pass the rope anti-clockwise around the perch or glove, with the tail end to the left.
falconer's knot photo 1
Place the right hand, palm up, underneath the both pieces of rope and grip the tail piece(left) between the first finger and middle finger, as if one was cutting the rope with scissors. The other fingers are below not in use at the moment.
falconer's knot photo 2
Place the thumb through the two pieces, over the "scissors" and under the second bring it to the right, as if one was hitchhiking.
falconer's knot photo 3
Keeping the thumb in the same position rotate the wrist to the right so that the back of the hand is facing up.
falconer's knot photo4
The thumb will have made a loop. With the pinched first and middle finger put the "scissored" rope through the "hitchhikers's" loop.
falconer's knot photo 5
Pass the free end through the new loop to secure.
falconer's knot photo 6
To untie simply pull out the free end and tug hard and it should untie.  

Falconer's Knot Video


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