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Girth Hitch


The Girth Hitch, also known as a Ring Hitch, is used for quickly attaching a loop to any object. Simple and fast to apply, the Girth Hitch has many uses. It attaches a pre-sewn or pre-tied loop or sling to any fixed object. It can be used to connect loops or attach a loop to a climbing harness from which gear can be hung. Climbers often use a girth hitch in slings of webbing, but it works in any type of rope or cordage. This knot is often used in camping and could be helpful to boaters for numerous jobs, such as creating loops from which gear can be hung.

To Tie a Girth Hitch:

Pass the loop around the object to which it is to be attached.
Bring one half of the loop through the other half, and tighten by pulling on the lower half. (The knot that ties the cord into a loop should be positioned to the side of the loop, not at the bottom where it could get in the way.)

Girth Hitch Video


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