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Icicle Hitch


The Icicle Hitch can attach a line to the smoothest of spars or rails (including polished brass fireman's poles), even when it tapers toward the direction of pull.

To Tie an Icicle Hitch:

Take at least four turns around the rail or spar. Take more if an exceptionally secure hitch is required.
icicle hitch photo step 1
With the working end, create a generous loop hanging down behind the standing part.
icicle hitch photo step 2
Pass this loop in front of all other parts and drop it, without twisting, over the end of the spar.
icicle hitch photo step 3
Draw everything up tight by pulling first the standing part and then the working end at right-angles to the spar. Now tighten it all again. Only then can the load be carefully applied, and the knot pulled out to the shape shown.
icicle hitch photo step 4


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