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Utility Loop

A Utility Loop is a quick, simple way to accomplish two very useful goals. One, to create a loop anywhere in the middle of a long rope. Two, to remove excess slack from the middle of a rope by making it shorter. What makes the Utility Loop particularly handy is the fact that you can tie it anywhere along the rope without access to either end. If you snug it up tightly, it will rarely slip, release or jam.

To Tie a Utility Loop:

Make a loop that is slightly larger than desired (the size of the finished loop or the amount of slack you need to remove).
utility loop photo 1
Wrap the loop down and around both parts of the rope and pass it back through, like tying a basic overhand knot.
utility loop photo 2
Pull the loop through to tighten the knot. The resulting loop should not slip, whether you pull on the loop or on the ends.
utility loop photo 3
You have the finished knot.
utility loop photo 4

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