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Versatackle Knot


A versatackle is a way of simulating a block and tackle without actual pulleys or deadeyes. It consists of two loops with the rope passed back and forth between them. It is functionally similar to the Truckers Hitch, however, unlike the Truckers Hitch, the versatackle is self-locking under tension.

To Tie a Versatackle Knot:

Make a loop knot on one end of the rope and another loop knot in the middle, just longer than the area to be bound. (An overhand loop knot is used here)

Versatackle knot photo 1

Pass the second working end through the loop knot in the first working end.

Versatackle knot photo 2

Bring the second working end up through the loop knot tied in the middle of the rope.

Versatackle knot photo 3

Repeat until there are two or three complete passes (two or three ropes in each loop).

Versatackle knot photo 4

Pull on the second working end, and work out the slack to tighten.

Versatackle knot photo 5

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