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Snake Safety

snake safety

  • Do not handle, play with, or disturb snakes or other wildlife.
  • Avoid swimming in areas where snakes abound.
  • Keep hands off rock ledges where snakes may be hiding or sunning.
  • Look over the area before sitting down, especially if in deep grass or among rocks.
  • If snakes are known to inhabit the area, sleep off the ground, if possible.
  • If situation permits avoid walking about an area during the period from dusk to complete daylight, as many snakes are active during this period.
  • Avoid camping near piles of brush, rocks, or other debris.
  • Never step over large rocks or logs without first checking to see what is on the other side.
  • Turn rocks and logs toward you when they have to be removed so you will be shielded should snakes be beneath them.
  • Handle freshly killed snakes only with a long-handled tool or stick; snakes can inflict fatal bites by reflex action after their death.

NOTE: If bitten, try to kill the snake and bring its head with you to the medical treatment facility. If you cannot bring the snake's head with you, get an accurate description of the snake to assist medical personnel in treating you. DO NOT panic!

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