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Scout Pit

A Scout Pit is a shelter made by digging a trench or hole into the earth. The Scout Pit is an insulated shelter, remaining warmer in winter and cooler in warmer months.

To Construct a Scout Pit:

STEP 1: Find a place that doesn't have a lot of tree roots to start digging. Make your trench about hip to thigh depth and long and wide enough where you can lay down with about six inches to a foot more than your height and shoulder width.

STEP 2: Fill the bottom of the trench with a layer of dry leaves to make your bedding. Add another layer with more leaves / grasses / anything available to keep you dry and warm. Compress the layers down with your body weight.

STEP 3: Collect thick branches / Logs to lay vertically across the opening of your pit. Leave an entrance space open that you can crawl into. Cover the logs with boughs or debris to finish your roof.

scout pit


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