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Tricks to finding water in the desert:


  • An old trick is to turn over half-buried stones in the desert just before sun up. Their coolness causes dew to form on their surface.
  • Desert grass will also form dew in the pre-dawn with your tongue. It can be soaked up with a cloth and wrung out into a container.
  • Where sand dunes meet the sea digging above the high tide mark might reveal a thin layer of fresh water sitting atop a heavier layer of salt water.
  • Flies and mosquito's are a giveaway for a water source and bees fly in a straight line to and from water up to 1000 meters away.
  • Look out for pigeons and doves - they can only exist near fresh water
  • Water seepage in canyons, small pockets of water in sandstone rock formations and digging at the base of rocks and mountains can produce water
  • Even contaminated water has its uses. It can be used to soak your clothing and reduce water loss from perspiration.

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